‘Senior Dogs Across America’ Shows How Wonderful Aging Pets Are

Photographer Nancy LeVine travels across the United States, taking pictures of older dogs.

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"Senior Dogs Across America" showcases older dogs. Via Senior Dogs Across America with Photographer Nancy LeVine/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

I have two senior dogs. Allergies have struck one of them and both have arthritis. If you have a senior dog, you may have noticed the same afflictions, or perhaps eye troubles or difficulty sleeping.

Those of us with senior pets know how wonderful they are. We know the lives they led before they started moving a little slower. They are interesting to us. For photographer Nancy LeVine, her interest in senior dogs started when “my own two dogs began to approach the end of their days,” she wrote in a blog post.

“This was at a time when I had lived enough years to start imagining my own mortality,” she continued. “I entered a world of grace where bodies that had once expressed their vibrancy were now on a more fragile path. I saw how the dog does it; how, without the human’s painful ability to project ahead and fear the inevitable, the dog simply wakes to each day as a new step in the journey. Though their steps might be more stiff and arduous, these dogs still moved through each day as themselves — themselves of that day and all the days before.”

LeVine then began traveling across America photographing older dogs. The images have been collected for her book, “Senior Dogs Across America.”

“I witnessed in my travels… people caring for the most vulnerable dogs,” she continued in her blog post. Take a look.

Senior Dogs Across America from Nancy LeVine on Vimeo.

Here are some of the dogs LeVine met along the way.

Dog No. 1: Picasso, Age 17

Picasso lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dog No. 2: Susie, Age 12

Susie is still active in Fargo, Oklahoma.

Dog No. 3: Ginger, Age 12

Ginger still looks tough at her age in Devils Tower, Wyoming.

Dog No. 4: Lolli, Age 15

Lolli is living at a rescue in San Francisco, California.

Dog No. 5: Suzy, Age 10

Suzy’s favorite spot in her Natchez, Mississippi home is on the stairs.

Dog No. 6: Ruddy, Age 16

Look at that smile! Coming at you from Spearfish, South Dakota.

Dog No. 7: Woody, Age 15

Woody looking regal in Seattle, Washington.

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