Senior Dog And Puppy Who Both Lived On The Streets Comfort Each Other With Endless Snugs

They both grew up on the streets, and they both survived tough living conditions. Now they have each other.

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Snuggin' buddies. Via Houston K-911 Rescue/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Roper is a senior dog who has lived a tough life on the streets in Houston, Texas. Andre is a puppy who also lived on the streets, and was rescued from the Fifth Ward just before the floods of Hurricane Harvey hit.

In a post shared on Facebook by Houston K-911 Rescue, we see these two dogs brought together, and the incredible bond they’ve already created, including snuggles and adorable (and harmless) ear chewing.


*No dog was seriously injured in this video but for goodness sakes, Andre, please!
Senior, Roper and puppy, Andre have so much in common and their fondness for each other is unmistakable.
Both are survivors of the dangerous street life. Roper from the huge pack of dogs we pulled from the Pattison trailer park in March and little Andre pulled from 5th Ward just minutes before the deluge of the Harvey floods.
Both are dogs who lived on the streets and had no families to care for them.
Foster mom, Bev Caplan, is doing an awesome job helping them with their confidence and medical care.
Their good nature and love of all things chewy make them two of our most adorable adoptable canine cuties.
Please shape so Roper and Andre can find their forever loving homes.
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Posted by Houston K-911 Rescue on Sunday, October 1, 2017

“They are wonderful, warm, loving, loyal companions who found themselves in horrible situations through no fault of their own.” Bev Caplan, Roper and Andre’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “They don’t stand a chance out there, so we give them a chance.”

Roper has been taking new foster pups under his wing, and Andre took to him immediately.

Little Andre is thinking about how wonderful his adoption day will be.
Please consider adopting Andre.

Posted by Houston K-911 Rescue on Monday, October 2, 2017

Both pups are currently up for adoption through Houston K-911 Rescue, and do not need to be adopted together.

Snugs on snugs on snugs. Via Bev Caplan/The Dodo

However, Caplan told The Dodo, “What they love most is the affection they previously missed out on — cuddles, kisses and kind words.” So that’s a requirement of potential owners who are interested.

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