Selma Blair Loves Her One-Eyed Dog

The actress speaks candidly about the one-eyed dog she adopted from L.A.’s Lange Foundation.

Actress Selma Blair has a lot on her plate. With her drama “Feast of Love” set to hit theaters in September, doing voice work for the highly anticipated “Hellboy” videogame, all while filming scenes for the movie’s sequel, “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army,” the short-haired beauty still makes time to spend with her one-eyed dog, Wink, whom she adopted from the Lange Foundation, an L.A.-based nonprofit adoption center she also volunteers for in her spare time.

In Touch Weekly reports the “Hellboy” star walks, feeds, and bathes the dogs at Lange headquarters whenever she can.

In a recent interview with Blair revealed that Wink, a Jack Russell Terrier mix, keeps her positive.

“Having my pet around has curtailed all my negative behavior that I do when I isolate,” Blair said. “I find that taking a walk or hugging my dog or petting my dog is the simplest thing [to do], or taking someone else’s dog for a walk.”

In the interview, the actress spoke candidly about her experience with the Lange Foundation and how Wink has helped her cope with the stresses of celebrity life.

“I adopted her from the Lange Foundation, [which] has the most amazing misfit dogs in the world,” explained Blair. “You want a three-legged dog with a wheel chair or a dog that has no bowel control, that’s the place to go. There are amazing dogs. They are mostly older dogs and their owners died. Very safe dogs, bomb-proof dogs where you could throw a book at them and they’d read it. They’re completely the cutest and sweetest dogs, and so, I have Wink and she’s playful and wonderful and she saved me from myself many times.”

The Lange Foundation – founded in 1993 by Gillian Lange, (recipient of the 1980 City of Los Angeles St. Francis of Assisi Award for her rescue work with pets since 1974) – is dedicated to saving companion animals and preparing them for a journey to a new, safe, loving world. For more information on the Lange Foundation, visit

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