Selling Tips For Bird Owners

Bird owners don? have to relocate pet birds to successfully sell a home

In the June 2008 issue of BIRD TALK magazine you learned how to throw a successful open house without relocating your pet birds. Now use these seven selling tips to seal the deal and sell your home.

Selling Tip 1: De-clutter!
Pack non-essential, items and stack boxes neatly in the garage or other non-living area. If necessary, rent a storage unit. Store bird carriers, travel cages, play stands and other avian furniture out of sight. Potential buyers will open cabinet doors and drawers; make sure bird food is neatly organized in a designated space.

Selling Tip 2: De-personalize!
Remove family photos and personal items from view. Yes, you can leave that gorgeous macaw portrait over the fireplace, but remove and store knick-knacks and other decorative avian items. Take your beloved “Beware of Attack Parrot” sign down, and pack it away for your next home.

Selling Tip 3: Deodorize!
Healthy birds and clean cages are not odiferous. Make sure cages are pristine. Wash floors, shampoo the rugs, launder draperies and bedding, and don’t smoke indoors. One of the first things prospective buyers notice is how the house smells.

Selling Tip 4: Dust!
Be aware that people with allergies may look at your home. Mist your birds daily to reduce dander. Change cage tray paper just prior to a showing. Use an electronic air filter to further reduce airborne allergens. Change or wash air conditioner filters frequently, and vacuum daily. When possible, open windows during showings.

Selling Tip 5: Advertise!
Advertise in bird-related publications and on avian websites. What makes your home ideal for your birds may attract a buyer with birds. My current home has a 28-foot conservatory-style room that’s perfect for birds, and it’s right up the hill from a top-notch bird store!

Selling Tip 6: Calm Nerves
Cover the cage or advise people not to approach your bird. Take your bird out for a ride during showings, or relocate your pet to a friend’s house.

Selling Tip 7: Lower The Noise 
Relocate to a friend’s or temporarily cover the cages. Play soft background music to soothe the tropical soul.

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