Self-Described ‘Cat Mad’ Woman Lives With 122 Cats

Silvana Valentino-Locke spends more than $140,000 each year to care for her massive menagerie at her cat rescue.

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Silvana Valentino-Locke snuggles with 10 percent of her cats. Via Romney House Cat Rescue/Facebook

When you think about Crazy Cat Ladies, you might think of the Simpsons character who wears her cats like accessories, the disheveled looking action figure who comes with her own bathrobe or your weird aunt who always smells vaguely like cat food.

But forget about them and say hello to Silvana Valentino-Locke, an English woman who has a ridiculous (there’s no other way to put it) 122 cats who live in and around her home. (She only allows 52 of them to stay indoors; more than that would be weird). She spends an estimated $140,485 (90,000 British pounds) each year to keep her feline army healthy and well-fed, and employs “cat nannies” to tend to their litter boxes and bedding, according to an interview she gave The Mirror.

“It’s an addiction,” she told The Mirror, pointing out the obvious.

Cuddle time…

Posted by Romney House Cat Rescue on Monday, May 26, 2014

Valentino-Locke and her Romney House Cat Rescue were profiled in a recent British documentary called “90 Cats & Counting: Cat Crazies,” which is probably the next best thing to getting an action figure. This is one house where finding “alone time” must be a big challenge.

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