Selecting Dog Show Veterinarians

Read about Dog World’s views on the dog show’s selection of judges.

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The question has frequently been asked as to how show vets are selected and who should be selected to act in the capacity of a vet at shows. It has also been asked as to what qualifications should there be to be the proper individual to protect the exhibitors from loss by infection of their dogs at shows, and what the duties of the show vets should be.

Now as the show season is approaching we feel that this is an opportune time to bring this matter to the courtesy of show giving clubs as well as the public in general. This all important matter has been given but scant attention in the past, therefore the results have been most disastrous to many an innocent victim. In the first place, it is strange but nevertheless true that some of our big shows are given and controlled by persons who are NOT dog fanciers, do not breed dogs, do not import dogs and, in fact, do not own a dog. Therefore, these people have nothing to lose so long as the entries and gate receipts are satisfactory. Show vets have been selected at random, not by their qualifications, situation or conditions to make them immune from outside interference with their duties as official show vets.

We wish to ask our readers to give us their opinion on the following questions:

1. What is a show veterinarian?
2. Who should select him?
3. What are his duties?
4. Should a local veterinarian be selected?
5. Should a vet who follows the shows for a living be selected?
6. Should not a Federal or State vet be selected?
7. Have vets passed their friends dogs in show when the dog showed signs of illness?
8. Have vets passed their friends dogs out of the show when the dog was in perfect health?
9. Haven’t dogs been detained in the show by vets when they showed signs of infectious illness, because vowed by a friend of the vets?
10. Last but not least: Shouldn’t the show vet have the authority to keep all traveling crates out of the show buildings?

We hope to hear from all interested in dogs and the dog game to give us their views at once so we can continue this important subject in our next issue.

Excerpted from Dog World, Feb. 1918, Vol. 3, No. 2. For back issues of Dog World, click here.

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