Selecting A Bird Cage

Ten tips for choosing a bird cage for your pet bird.

The variety of styles and colors of bird cages are intriguing, but base your ultimate selection on practical considerations. Does the cage have the following features?

1) A pull-out bottom tray for easy cleaning.

2) A bottom grating or grill, several inches above the tray, to keep birds away from feces and discarded foodstuffs. (It also curtails paper shredding.)

3) A seed guard or flared apron directing debris to the bottom of the cage and away from the floor.

4) A large entry door for easy access to your bird, along with secure fasteners on doors and feeder ports.

5) Some horizontal bars to facilitate climbing.

6) Enough feeders to allow separate dishes for water, seed, fruits and vegetables, and treats. (Buy extra dishes at the time of the cage purchase to ensure clean ones each time you replace food and water.) Outside access feeders for convenience and to minimize risk of escape or biting by territorial birds.

7) A nest box access door if breeding is desired.

8) A handle for carrying small cages. Wheels or casters for ease of moving large cages.

9) Cage-top gyms and perches are integral to the design of many large cages. Now some small cages are replete with these, as well as landing platforms and other play areas. Bolt-on perches and gyms can make a playpen out of any cagetop!

10) A shelf or cabinet on the stand below the cage to allow you to store the cage cover and other accessories conveniently.

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