See Why Your Cat Might Be a Messy Eater

Cat-food strewn about during dinnertime? Morsel mayhem at the cat dish? This is a possible reason.

My cat is a very messy eater. He takes a mouthful of food and shakes his head, throwing half of it everywhere! He does it with both wet and dry food. His feeding area looks like a war zone. — Micah Wilson

Your cat has bad table manners, but that might not be his fault.

A vet needs to take a good look at his teeth. Loose teeth, fractured teeth, gum disease and tooth resorption (an erosion of the dental structures) are all possible culprits. Your cat may be shaking his head in pain as bits of kibble and chunks of wet food make contact with sensitive spots.

If your kitty passes his dental exam, you’ll have peace of mind and go home with advice for caring for those choppers. If he doesn’t, your vet can set him on the path toward healthier teeth. As for the war zone, you may just have to include the cleanup on your list of daily chores. Maybe buy him a placemat.

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