See What This Japanese City Looks Like Through The Eyes Of A Cat

If you've ever wondered what Onomichi, Japan, looked like to a cat, here's your chance to find out.

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This cat might not know where he's going. Via Cat Street View

Google Street View is great for exploring cities before you visit, for seeing what kinds of restaurants and attractions (and dumpsters) might be beside your high-dollar New York City hotel or for eyeballing weird-looking pedestrians on the sidewalks of Berlin. But if you’ve ever scrolled through those onscreen streets and asked yourself, “But what would this look like to a cat?” then you’re in luck.

The city of Onomichi, located in Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture, has launched Cat Street View, a website that provides that very thing: a virtual walk down the streets, past storefronts and shopping arcades, from the ankle-high perspective of a four-legged feline.

Being sized up by one of the city residents Via Cat Street View

While touring the city, you just might be sized up by one of its feline residents. Via Cat Street View

The Cat Street View has the familiar look of Google’s own human version, with a few cat-centric tweaks: the cursor looks like a paw print, the default viewing area is at cat height and yes, you did just hear some ambient meows in the background.

The website (which is currently only available in Japanese) is part of a tourism initiative for Onomichi, which is famous for having cats everywhere.

“Onomichi used to be a prominent fishing port, which is probably why it attracted many cats,” a tourism official told PC World.

And spending half an hour pretending to be one of those cats is probably why we could really go for some tuna sashimi right now.

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