See Squirrels In A Whole New Way Thanks To Unique Feeder

Thanks to a unique squirrel feeder, wild squirrels are taking on new and bizarre identities, including a horse.

squirrel in horse head feeder
Via BBC/YouTube 
This squirrel feeder wins marks for sheer craziness!

Prepare to exercise your startle response. That’s the warning I think should come with the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder from toymaker and novelty manufacturer Archie McPhee. I have to admit it’s a bit ingenious. The food in the head is protected from the elements and the squirrels have pretty easy access — plus, and this is likely the selling point, this feeder makes watching a squirrel eat a pretty hilarious event. It’s like Halloween for squirrels every day as they don this bizarre “costume.”

Seeing this video for the first time, with no idea what I was looking at, I first thought someone was doing a terrible play on that scene from movie “The Godfather” and then I thought someone found an intriguing use for a disassembled child’s toy. But an Internet search soon set me straight. This was a product specifically made to be a squirrel feeder!  The Washington Post ran an article about it in April 2014, soon after it first went on sale. In it, David Wahl, the director of awesome at Archie McPhee, explained how such a toy came to be made.

“We were trying to think of a way to be nice to squirrels and humiliate them at the same time,” he said.

Mission accomplished. 

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According to the Washington Post article, Jim Zielinski posted the first YouTube video of the horse head squirrel feeder in use. And there have been many followers since, including this recent video from the BBC, which probably has the best footage.

Of course, the possibilities for more strange heads being squirrel feeders are endless. I spotted a Cyber Squirrel, a squirrel and a unicorn. These feeders could top the video of wild squirrels running outdoor obstacle courses for food.

squirrel in horse head feeder
Via John Baker/YouTube 
There’s even a squirrel feeder to tickle the fancy of fans of Doctor Who.

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