See Small Animal Pets Rock It On National Hat Day!

Hats are the easiest of all fashion for pets to wear, and they do it adorably, as these rabbits, ferrets and others prove here.

Is your critter celebrating National Hat Day? Via Tiago Pereira/Flickr

By Eden Strong

Did you know that January 15 is officially known as Hat Day? I had absolutely no idea that this day even existed. Now that I do know, I’m a bit scared.

I cannot pull off wearing a hat.

I don’t know if it’s because I have an oddly shaped head or just too much forehead, but hats look absolutely ridiculous on me, and I’m not happy about it. I don’t really want to be left out of all the festivities, so I think that I will just live vicariously through these small animal pets who are pulling off wearing a hat much better than I ever could!

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  1. It’s not every day that you see a hedgehog playing poker while wearing a cowboy hat, but when you do see it, you can’t help but grin! Dressed for success, this little guy has fluffed his spines, thrown on his hat, and he is prepared to take down his opponent.
  2. If there is one thing that makes people feel tough, it’s wearing leather, although I have to say, this little ferret still looks sweet as pie.
    ferret sitting in hat Via S.J. Pyrotechnic/Flickr
  3. Nothing is better than sharing clothes with your best friend, but I’ve never seen anyone share their clothes with three people (critters) at one time! I can’t even wear one hat but these little rabbits can apparently share one hat, three ways!
  4. Don’t you hate it when you have a wardrobe malfunction? If only I could look as cute as this hedgehog during my most embarrassing moments!
  5. I almost feel like when you wear this hat there should be singing. Shouldn’t this rabbit be singing?
  6. I cannot help but laugh, but I really can’t help it, I have to laugh. These guinea pigs are so cute it’s not even fair! I can’t even work a hat, let alone make eating vegetables look this good!
  7. This is so cute that I almost hate to nag, but style doesn’t always trump function and the hat these guys are wearing should definitely be a helmet!
  8. Who says Santa needs to be round and red? This ferret is a slimmer version of Santa, and is probably just as jolly while donning his festive attire!
    ferret in Santa hat
    Via Jason Tester Guerilla Futures/Flickr  
  9. So distinguished, so refined, this dapper rat wearing a top hat to a cheese tasting has raised the bar for lesser-dressed critters, because he is proof that although some furry faces may eat off the floor, they can still look good doing it!
  10. There’s nothing sweeter than a boy (or a sugar glider!) and his first baseball hat.
    sugar glider in hat
    Via renee/Flickr
  11. I don’t know, guys, while all these little critters give me hope, I’ll probably just hang out with this little lady who, like me, cannot seem to get the hang of the fashion trend that is a hat.
  12. But for the rest of you, go forth and be a trendsetter for National Hat Day!
    two rabbits in cage
    Via msmornington/Flickr  
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