See Pusheen The Cat Come To Life In Photo Series

A man recreated Pusheen stickers with his gray tabby cat and the results channel our feelings as much as the illustrated cat does.

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Jackie the cat lives out our Pusheen dreams. Via Les Populaires

Pusheen the cat sums up a lot of our feelings: loving pizza, not being fancy, enjoying naps. Now someone has taken the those real-life feelings and had them acted out by a real-life cat, with the Pusheen touch.

Julien Therrien noticed the similarity between the illustrated kitty and his own, so he posed his cat Jackie into some of the best Pusheen moments and shared the cat pictures on the Quebec, Canada-based blog Les Populaires recently. See the similarities for yourself in these many moods and musings of Pusheen.

1. Cold Lamping

Pusheen and Jackie like to simply chill.

2. Feasting

Pusheen likes burgers. We like burgers. Everybody likes burgers.

3. Boxing So Hard

As the prophecy goes: If it doth fit, therein shall I sit.

4. Literary Lounging

The only difference between these two is that Jackie must wear contacts.

5. Journaling

We think this entry must mean something serious/whimsical/hilarious in cat.

6. Eyeing Of The Tiger

Pumped up kitties.

7. Thinking

The three dots, universal symbol of contemplation.

8. Making You Stop Working

Both cats know how to get your attention.

9. Pizzaing

Work your way through the box of pizza and then through the box.

10. Living Out Dreams


The power of unicorns is fueling these two to continue making them awesome. Via Les Populaires

11. Tackling

Getting out a little stress never hurt anyone. Except maybe some yarn.

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