See How To Hack The Subway System So You Can Bring Your Dog

All you have to do is loosen your definition of “dog carrier.”

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Big dog in a little baaaag. Via Alex Romano/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

Public transportation is a great way to go green and reduce carbon emissions. It’s also an exclusionary totalitarian regime hellbent on preventing your dog from joining you. That is, unless you get creative.

People are finding ways to bring big dogs on subways by finessing a rule, a Bored Panda post points out. New York’s subway rules clearly stipulate that animals can’t ride unless they are “enclosed in a container.” So a few folks have used the word “container” flexibly.

Like this guy with a duffle bag full of dog. Semi-contained, right? Right.

"Is this our stop?" Via  hansyandbrush/Instagram

“Is this our stop?” Via hansyandbrush/Instagram

Or the owner of this pooch peeking out from a canvas bag, looking at the subway floor questionably. (We do, too, dog. We do, too.)

And we don’t know if these guys took the bus or subway but however they traveled they did it in style. At least for the dog, in comfort, too.

Walking the dog has many forms. Via Michiko Fuller/Twitter

Walking the dog has many forms. Via Michiko Fuller/Twitter

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