Cats Elevated To Fine Art In Upcoming Exhibition

Get a preview of Cat Art Show LA 2 and see what cats can inspire.

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"Lunar Bub" by Johannah O’Donnell is but one of many amazing works to see at the upcoming show. Via Cat Art Show LA
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“What is the true meaning of cat for you — ally, domestic partner, enemy, frenemy, allergic reaction or guru?”

That’s the question curator Susan Michals asked the more than 70 artists participating in Cat Art Show LA 2, according to the show’s website. Officially titled “Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel,” the event takes place March 24 to 27 at The Think Tank Gallery in Los Angeles, California, and will offer all artworks for sale, with proceeds going to Kitten Rescue.

This follows the first Cat Art Show LA, which took place in 2014 and attracted thousands of art lovers and cat fans. Michals curated that show as well and went on to create CatConLA, a convention for cat people that drew 10,000 feline fanatics last June.

In the morning by Midori Furuhashi Via Cat Art Show LA

“In The Morning” by Midori Furuhashi Via Cat Art Show LA

One highlight for this year’s art event is a work by Walter Chandoha, also known as the godfather of cat photography. The exhibit will display Chandoha’s “Five Kittens” photo, which will be on sale for the first time ever.


“Five Kittens” by Walter Chandoha Via Cat Art Show LA

Other artists include Norman Reedus, photographer/zombie killer on “The Walking Dead,” Mark Ryden, Rob Reger, Simon Tofield and more.

Here are some selections from this year’s event. For more information visit the website for Cat Art Show LA.

1. “Ascension” by Zane York

We now have a Sistine Chapel ceiling for our cat gods.

2. “Soft Kitty” by Marion Peck

Like a Keane painting, it gently pierces your soul.

3. “Nomad” by Joann Biondi

So much wisdom in those eyes …

4. “Apocalyptic Kitty” by Alexandra Troitskaya

The soul-piercing is a little less gentle here. Still pretty darn effective.

5. “Cat Procession” by Fedele Spadafora

I wonder where these dapper cats are headed.

6. “Playtime” by Jean-Pierre-Arboleda

We want to join them in this fun fest.

7. “Her” by Rae Cook

She’s so lovely! We hope she and her cats find a wonderful partner some day.

8. “Him” by Rae Cook

Ooh, there’s someone we think you should meet.

9. Norman Catwell by Lucia Heffernan


Dream big, buddy.

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