Second Loves

Doris Day's Cypress Inn reflects the stars class and affection
for animals.

Everybody has a Secret Love. For legendary singer Doris Day, who made this song famous more than fifty years ago, its animals.

Most people remember Day as the star of 39 movies and the singer of more than 1000 songs dating back to Hollywoods glitter era of the 50s and 60s. But she is also known for her pioneering role in the pet-hospitality industry.

Award-Winning Style 
When it comes to the pet-friendly policies practiced by many large hotel chains and private inns around the country today, they are simply emulating what Day and her partner Dennis LeVett considered standard petique at their famous Cypress Inn in the quaint seaside resort of Carmel in Northern California for more than two decades.
For many people, pet-friendly usually means simply accommodating dogs. However, the Cypress Inn is particularly renowned for its warm, feline hospitality.
We simply have [fewer] feline guests because cats don’t often enjoy traveling by car, says long-time manager Don Wiese, as he proudly points to a certificate that celebrates the Inns animal conviviality. The Golden Grape Award is presented by a San Francisco Television station and ranks the Cypress Inn as the most pet-friendly hotel in Californian wine country, a truly cozy home away from home for pet visitors.
To uphold Days personal credo, the staff are handpicked and trained to attend to every furry whim. Anyone calling to enquire about accommodation is automatically asked, Will any pets be accompanying you?
Exceeding Expectations
Pet rates are $25 a day for the first cat and $15 for a second pet.

At check in, a large jar of treats adorns the desk and the first paragraph on the registration card relates to the comfort and enjoyment of four-footed guests. Simultaneously, visitors receive a list of fur-friendly establishments. For a tiny town, Carmel boasts two very trendy pet stores.
Wiese says that when he first took over the reins as manager about 10 years ago, regulars included a family with three cats.

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