Seafood: Not Just for Cats Anymore

Dogs, too, can benefit from this fatty-acid-rich protein source.

Scotty, a 3-year-old West Highland White Terrier, suffered from allergies that gave him a rash on his belly, chest, and paws every six to eight weeks.

“Scotty’s rash outbreaks would scab on his belly as well as on his paws, making him so itchy that he would constantly lick himself, turning his paws and his white fur a brownish-pink from a chemical produced in his saliva,” says his owner, Tiffany B. of Florida. “The hypoallergenic food his veterinarian prescribed didn’t help, and the antibiotics were extremely pricey.”

On the advice of a friend, Tiffany switched her pooch to a fish-based diet. The time between outbreaks lengthened, and the severity diminished. Now, after a year on seafood, Scotty hasn’t had an outbreak in 10 months.

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