Screaming refers to unpleasantly loud noises that pet birds can produce.


Depending on the pet bird species, time of day and duration, screaming can be completely normal (whether people like it or not). While many species of birds do not “scream,” few are actually quiet animals. Most parrot species produce unpleasantly loud noises that most people categorize as “screaming.”


If the noise is at a “normal” level for a specific species, the cause of screaming could be defined as natural. If abnormal noise levels exist, the cause is often accidental human reinforcement.


Parrot owners must understand that these pet birds are not “quiet” animals. Those who value silence will not be happy living with any companion birds, as all make noise of some level or another. So if a pet parrot’s “screaming” is within the “normal” level, earplugs can be quite useful for noise-sensitive people. If the screaming is excessive, please see “excessive screaming” in this index.

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