Screaming Hedgehog Makes Feelings Clear

A visit to the doctor is never fun, and this hedgehog screams for nearly a minute so the veterinarian and owner know what he thinks of what’s happening.

hedgehog held in gloved hands
Via shalicat/YouTube 
Sometimes a scream is the only way to communicate your displeasure.

Besides death and taxes, some other things are inevitable in life — like rain coming a day or two after you wash your car and having to visit the doctor when you’re sick. Although pets don’t have to worry about taxes or having their car rained on, a visit to the veterinarian is needed when illness strikes. I doubt that any pets enjoy going to a veterinarian; many tolerate it, but some have a gut-wrenching fear reaction to it. The little hedgehog in this video definitely falls into the fear category, unless whatever ailment required the vet visit is painful. 

This video was posted to YouTube back in 2007, but it recently found new life on the Internet. The screams the hedgehog makes for nearly a minute are beyond unnerving because they are so loud and sound a like a human baby. The veterinarian remained calm, though, and whoever was filming seemed surprised by the pet’s reaction. A couple times she can be heard saying his name and trying to calm the hedgehog. 

Based on the comments, many people had no idea hedgehogs could make a screaming noise. They can! And other vocalizations are not uncommon, including huffing and snuffling. All hedgehogs are different, so some might vocalize more than others. The video is helpful to hedgehog owners because if they’ve never heard this noise, it lets them know what to expect. Because the screaming is only done when hedgehogs are in pain, upset or terrified, it’s not a noise you want to hear, but it’s good to be prepared.

My guess is that the bright lights and strange setting, plus perhaps the way he was being held were just too much for the little hedgehog to endure without making some protest. 

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