Scott Baio Talks About His Dog ‘Family’

Longtime bachelor Scott Baio opens up about the two females in his life – dogs Annie and Gia.

Scott Baio has had a string of high-profile relationships, including Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear, Denise Richards and Nicolette Sheridan. But the subject of VH-1’s new reality show, “Scott Baio is 45…And Single,” admits the only lasting love he has ever felt is for his dogs.

“Some people say that family makes a home,” the actor says in an interview with In Touch magazine. “My dogs make my home.”

Not surprisingly, the perennial bachelor’s dogs are both female. “Annie is the big dog and Gia is the little one,” Baio says. “Annie is about 14 years old – a rescue – and I’ve had Gia for about a year. Annie tolerates Gia, but really, they get along very well.”

Baio’s new series chronicles the actor’s attempt to sort out his love life. At 45, Baio says he’s reached a mid-life crisis of sorts, and wonders why he’s still single and unable to commit to a meaningful relationship with a woman. The cameras capture Baio as he opens up to a life coach – as well as a string of exes – in order to get to the heart of his relationship troubles.

“Scott Baio is 45…And Single,” debuts on VH-1 on Sunday, July 15.

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