Scopas or Yellow Tang? Fish Wholesaler Wants to Sell You an Aberrant Fish

Pet wholesaler Sun Pet, LTD of Atlanta issued a press release July 30 announcing that it has acquired an abnormally colored Scopas tang (Zebrasoma scopas) and is looking for the right collector to purchase it. The company claims in its press release that the fish, which also looks like a yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) but with three different colors, was captured using a hand net about six miles offshore in 60-85 feet of water in the Andaman Sea.

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 It was then transported from Sabang, Indonesia to Banda Aceh by ferry where the fish was quarantined. It was then shipped to Bali and air freighted to Atlanta, where it was picked up by the Sun Pet staff. The body of this fish is yellow and white in the rear and a black-brownish green color with a whitish and green splotched head and nose. The company’s general manager, Barry Wisebram claims that this fish is for “serious exotic fish collectors” who have the right setup and resources. Wisebram also says in the press release that the purchaser will be required to provide details to “ensure its requirements for thriving” are met.

It sounds as if the wholesaler wants big money for this fish. What would you pay for an abnormally colored Scopas (or yellow) tang above the $30 or so the market has set for a normal fish of these species? Is it an abnormally colored Scopas tang or is a Scopas and Yellow tang hybrid as both species are known to interbreed in areas in which both fish overlap?


Hybrid Scopas tang from YouTube

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