Scooter Takes The Title Of World’s Oldest Cat

Guinness World Records announced a new super senior cat who shows us that age is nothing but a number.

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Super senior cat Scooter is an inspiration. Via Guinness World Records/Facebook
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What’s the secret to longevity? Early rising, staying active and frequent indulgences and treats (who needs a special occasion?).

At least that’s what Scooter has done, and it’s earned him the title of World’s Oldest Living Cat, according to Guinness World Records. His owner, Gail Floyd of Mansfield, Texas, told the record recognition group a few of the things that kept her 30-year-old Siamese cat young.

“He likes to see new places and he likes people,” Floyd told Guinness.

She thinks keeping Scooter active maintains his happy disposition. The pair have travelled to 45 states; Scooter also visits Floyd’s mother in her nursing home.

At 30 years old, Scooter is still an active cat. Via Guinness World Records

At 30 years old, Scooter is still an active cat. Via Guinness World Records

Scooter gets up at 6 a.m. and greets Floyd with meows, according to Guinness. When she returns home from work, he’s there at the door to say hello. Clearly rising early and staying in touch with your family are other things that can keep you healthy.

Tell us your secrets, wise one! Via OldestLivingCat/Instagram

Former title-holder Corduroy, 26 years young. Via OldestLivingCat/Instagram

Floyd also shared with Guinness that Scooter likes a nice blow-dry after a bath. For a special snack, he gets chicken every other day. So it looks like indulging in me time and treating yourself also helps you live longer.

The cat succeeds previous record holder Corduroy, who is 26. To both cats we say: Live long and enjoy treats.

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