Scholarships for Students Who Want to Help Dogs

Banfield Charitable Trust is offering scholarships to students who want to improve the lives of dogs.

The Banfield Charitable Trust is accepting applications for Campbell Family Scholarships, to be given to students who want to further their education in areas of study that will allow them to improve the lives of dogs and cats.

Established in 2005, the Campbell Family Scholarship awards students with funding for one academic year of undergraduate tuition. This year’s application deadline is June 30, 2007.

The scholarship is available for classes starting this fall. Awards will be announced by July 31, 2007.

“The Campbell Family Scholarship provides tuition assistance to students who demonstrate a commitment to upholding the values we hold dear, improving the lives of pets and their families,” said Sandy Campbell, Banfield Charitable Trust President & Board Chair.

Decisions with respect to academic ability, character, motivation, and the applicant’s desire to improve the lives of dogs, cats, and their families will be based upon information included in the application materials.

Complete applications require high school or college transcripts, two letters of recommendation and a 250-word essay. All materials must be submitted together and cannot arrive separately. Particular consideration will be given to the applicant’s essay.

The applicant must have graduated from, or be about to graduate from, high school or its equivalent, or be a student at an accredited college, junior college, university, or other educational institution.

Demonstration of financial need is not required, but could be taken into consideration by the Scholarship Committee during the selection process.

For information on application requirements and how to apply, visit, or contact Banfield Charitable Trust Executive Director Dianne McGill at (503) 922-5426.

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