Black Cat With Flour On His Face Is Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

He was just a normal cat until he had a run-in with some flour. Then he turned evil. Everybody, RUN!

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He is now fully prepared to haunt your dreams for all eternity. Via teddy-bear-the1st/Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

It happened on a day… much like today. A cat was just doing his thing, ignoring those around him, when he somehow got into a bag of flour. Then everything changed.

The sun turned to darkness. The moon turned to blood. And the cat was transformed into a demon to rule all demons.

OK, maybe that didn’t exactly happen, but a black cat with flour on his face is officially creeping everyone out.

Redditor teddy-bear-the1st posted a collage of the cat a few days ago, and it’s pretty darn terrifying.

For starters, the flour only appears on the cat’s face, making his yellow-y/green eyes stick out like laser beams designed to control your thoughts and make you commit evil acts, like destroy all the world’s cardboard boxes.

"Come closer, human. I mean no harm..." Via teddy-bear-the1st/Reddit

“Come closer, human. I mean no harm…” Via teddy-bear-the1st/Reddit

The cat’s face is also pointed downward in one picture, which screams, “You did this, human. You left the flour out and now my beautiful coat is destroyed. And now I… shall destroy YOU. Mwah ha ha.”

*Chills* Via teddy-bear-the1st/Reddit

The image on the left. *Chills* Via teddy-bear-the1st/Reddit

Hopefully the flour was cleaned off the cat’s face and he returned to his normal, cuddly self.


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