Scabs On A Guinea Pig’s Foot

Are the scabs on a guinea pig’s foot from scratches or an infection?

Q: My Guinea Pig acts fine, but the other day I noticed on his front right foot one of the ‘patches’ has a scab. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want him to be in pain.

A: A scab on the bottom of your guinea pig’s foot might be a scratch that is healing or it could be a very deep infection. It is impossible to tell without looking at it. If this is just a scratch, you need to keep your guinea pig’s habitat clean and dry. Check his foot each day to make sure it is clean. To clean his foot, wipe it with a towel wet with plain water. If this is a deeper infection, the foot might be swollen, and there might be discharge from the scab area. Your guinea pig might be limping and may not want to eat. If this is a deep infection, you need to visit your veterinarian to have this examined and treated.

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