Saving Lives Through Fostering

Some bunny lovers open their homes to help rabbits in need find their "forever homes."

Saving Lives Through Fostering RabbitsAnyone who has shared his or her home with a companion rabbit knows the love and joy these animals bring into people’s lives. Many bunny lovers take this to the next level and want to help place other rabbits in need of homes with loving families who want to share their lives with a pet rabbit. Serving as a foster home to a rabbit, or rabbits, is one way to help homeless bunnies find their ultimate, permanent home.  

Getting Started
Most rabbit rescues work in conjunction with local humane societies and help provide foster care for rabbits that need extra medical care, need help overcoming a behavioral issue or that are too young to be spayed/neutered (as this is required of all rabbit rescues before adoption can take place). Sometimes humane societies simply do not have enough space to house all of the rabbits; this is where fostering through a rabbit rescue comes into play, which gives rabbits a better chance for future adoption. 

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