Saving Dogs From Euthanasia

Online courses educate pet owners on raising a well-mannered member of the family.

In an effort to accelerate efforts to reduce behavior as a leading cause of pet euthanasia, Pets Best Insurance and the Animal Behavior Network have announced a campaign to educate people on how to raise a pet to be a well-behaved, well-mannered member of the family.

“In the United States, an excess of 3 million pets are destroyed each year, and most are due to behavioral issues,” says Cal Morgan, board of director’s president for the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators. “In fact, behavior is the No. 1 reason for pets being returned, relinquished, and destroyed in our animal shelters.”

Pet owners can take a course online, with step-by-step guidance for raising puppies, kittens, dogs and cats in ways that help pets adjust to the family and assure a greater level of success for the pet. All lessons include links to a more in-depth understanding of pet behavior issues and solutions in the Animal Behavior Network multi-media online library, to allow pet parents to learn more at their own pace with ongoing review available for lasting results.

According to Dr. Rolan Tripp, founder of the Animal Behavior Network: “Obtaining a new pet is a golden opportunity to give pets and people a successful fresh start,” he says. “Even people who have enjoyed pets their whole lives may not understand how to raise pets to become happy, well-behaved members of a human family. These online pet behavior courses are offered free for 60 days to educate those who love pets and help save pet lives.”

Learn more about the behavior courses by visiting the Animal Behavior Network.

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