Dog CANNOT Contain Her Excitement When Owner Comes Home After 2 Months

Sarah the dog literally leaps into her owner’s arms when he comes home after being away for what apparently was much too long.

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Sarah is a bit more than excited to see Jason, who has been away for work for two months.
John Virata

Even if you’re gone for just a day, that is usually long enough for your dog to freak out when you come finally come home. But what if you were gone for two months?

A man named Jason had been gone for that long and his dog was over the moon to see her human when he came home.

In a Rumble Viral video posted to YouTube March 16, Jason announces his arrival with a “Hello there puppy,” and Sarah immediately jumps into his arms and licks his face. The dog can’t seem to climb high.

Sarah missed Jason so much she couldn’t stop loving him. Via YouTube

Sarah missed Jason so much she couldn’t stop loving him. Via Rumble Viral/YouTube

“She won’t let go!” Jason says as Sarah just keeps on being the happiest dog on the planet.

Even when Jason lets Sarah down, she just can’t contain her excitement, running in a circle until she can climb up and kiss his face again and again.

Sarah is happy. Sarah is happy. Via YouTube

Sarah is happy. Sarah is so happy. Via Rumble Viral/YouTube

By the way Jason keeps giving her love and attention, it’s no surprise his dog is happy to see him. Welcome home, Jason. You were definitely missed!

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