Sand Tiger Shark Devours Another Shark At COEX Aquarium In South Korea

Aquarium officials say the encounter between the two sharks was a territorial dispute.

The Sand Tiger Shark ate the smaller shark due to what aquarium officials said was a territorial dispute. Via Guardian Wires/YouTube

A sand tiger shark gobbled up a much smaller banded hound shark at an aquarium in Seoul, and experts at the aquarium say that the shark ate the smaller shark after what it thinks was a territorial dispute.

“Sharks have their own territories,” an aquarium official at the COEX Aquarium told Reuters. “Sometimes, when they bump into each other, they bite out of astonishment.”

shark eats shark
A sand tiger shark ate a smaller hound shark at the COEX Aquarium in South Korea

The larger female shark took 21 hours to eat the smaller male shark, and an aquarium spokesman says that the female will likely regurgitate the shark as it is too big for her to digest.

The aquarium in which this behavior occurred houses 42 sharks, 20 sting rays, and two sea turtles.

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