San Diego Cat Café has a Great First Year

So far 110 cats have been adopted from this Southern California café.

People have different measures of success. For some it may be earning more than you did last year, completing the next chapter of a book before your self-imposed deadline or getting through a public speech without making a mistake. For others success may be finishing a crossword puzzle on your own, getting a much-needed hug without having to ask for one (or giving one without being asked) or in some way helping another being obtain a better life.

For Tony Wang, the owner of the San Diego Cat Café, success is definitely measured by that last example. Southern California’s first – and only – cat café opened in downtown San Diego in January 2015. Now, nearly a year later, Wang reflects with The San Diego Union-Tribune on the café’s success.

First, he’s learned that providing locally sourced snacks and beverages is the way to go – there’s success in building, and being a part of, the community. Second, social media is a great way to get the word out about your business and given that when the San Diego Cat Café first opened there were so many people that Wang had to set a 20-person cat room limit, social media also leads to success. But what Wang doesn’t do is measure success on how much money the café brings in.

“On slow days, we lose money. On normal days, we break even. And on good days, we make some money,” Wang told The San Diego Union-Tribune. “Our investors are aware that this may never by profitable, but their philosophy is, ‘You sent 100 cats to homes so far, so keep doing what you’re doing.’”

That is how success is measured at this cat café. At press time, 110 cats had been adopted from the café over the past year – quite a bit more than the one adoption per week Wang was hoping for. Plus he gets to spend all day with cats. Sounds like success to us.

Click here for more information on the San Diego Cat Café.

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