Saint Bernards Adopt A Baby Goat

Julie and Basiel stepped up to act as surrogate parents to little Hans.

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Three peas in a pod. Via imatsol/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

What do you do when you’re a little goat on a Belgian farm without parents? You improvise. Hans the goat’s improvisational parents came in the form of two big Saint Bernard dogs named Julie and Basiel.

The dogs have welcomed Hans with open paws.

“He learns a lot from the dogs,” the animals’ owner, Isolde Mattart, told Daily Mail. “He loves sunbathing with the dogs, he loves going for walks with me and the dogs, but he likes napping with the dogs the most.”

The happy family can be seen on Instagram, but here are a few of our favorites of their adventures together.

1. Hans And His New Parent

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It’s a bonding moment.

2. Getting Comfortable

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It didn’t take Hans long to be comfortable around his new dog parents.

3. Morning Walks

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A perfect way to start a day.

4. A Good Place To Stand

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What mother hasn’t been climbed on by her child?

5. Trying To Nap

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It can be hard finding the perfect place to sleep.

6. Snuggling Up

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7. Playtime

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A break from walking means it’s time to play.

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