Sailor, Cat Rescued from High Seas

Video: A sailor quickly grabbed his cat before the Coast Guard swept in and saved the pair from a sinking ship.

After his 30-foot yacht, La Chimere, lost its rigging and rudder 400 miles south of Cold Bay, Alaska, an unnamed French sailor activated his emergency beacon. What ensued after his signal went off is something you have to see to believe.

In a video released by the US Coast Guard, shot from a C-130 Hercules airplane monitoring the rescue, the sailor is seen tucking a cat into his jacket, before leaping from his boat, said to have been dead in the water, to a rescue vessel.

The support ship, named the Tor Viking, was dispatched by Polar Pioneer at the request of the US Coast Guard. Whether the man will continue onto Washington State, the planned course for the Tor Viking, is unknown; but one thing that is affirmative: he and the cat are doing just fine, thanks to a very daring leap of faith!

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