Safety Tips For Ferrets And Christmas Trees

Are Christmas trees dangerous for ferrets?

Q: Will a ferret climb a Christmas tree? If so, how can a ferret be prevented from climbing up the tree?

A: I tend not to let my ferrets around the Christmas tree for a number of reasons. Ferrets are capable of climbing the tree, which could cause a problem including an injury from falling or injury from the pine needles. Ferrets may also eat the ornaments or the gifts under the tree. Ferrets might try to drink the tree water, and that water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Ferrets might get sap in their fur, and the tannic acid is toxic.

Basically, a Christmas tree is one giant ferret hazard, so keep the ferrets out of the room with the tree, place the tree on a table or go without. You might also try encircling the Christmas tree with the walls of a ferret playpen, but always be there to supervise if you do this. Your ferret might climb the playpen walls or find another way to get through to the tree.

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