Safe Hedgehog Travel

Follow these steps for safe travel with a hedgehog.

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Make sure your hedgehog is comfortable and safe during travel. Gina Cioli
Audrey Pavia

Hedgehogs travel best in a small airline-style carrier made from plastic with a metal door and windows, or a plastic carrier designed specifically for small animals. Either one of these carriers provides your hedgehog with safety, security and ventilation when traveling.

The carrier you purchase should be big enough for a hedgehog to turn around in comfortably. Line it with shredded paper towels to give it something to hide under for security.

Whenever you transport a hedgehog in a carrier, keep a close eye on it for signs of stress. If your small pet seems very nervous, try covering the carrier with a small towel so it can’t see outside.

When taking your hedgehog to the vet or to another destination, never leave it in the car on a warm day, even if the windows are rolled down. Your small pet can overheat very quickly and die.

Resist the urge to open your small pet’s carrier door while you’re in transit. Hedgehogs can move quickly, and if your small pet dashes out the door, you may never find it again.

If you are going on vacation or will be away for an extended period of time, leave your hedgehog at home in the care of a responsible friend, family member or professional pet sitter. Provide the person with written details on how to take care of your hedgehog, along with emergency phone numbers for your pet’s veterinarian and other contacts.

If you can’t find anyone to care for your hedgehog in your absence, ask your exotics veterinarian if he or she offers boarding services. You can keep your small pet with your veterinarian until you return.

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