‘Saddest Dog In The World’ Finds New Forever Home

After two adoption fails, Lana has a new forever home on a farm.

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Lana's new home is on a farm, which provides the outdoor-loving dog with lots of space to run. Via Rescue Dogs Match/Facebook
Stephanie Brown

Lana Turner, also known as the saddest dog in the world, has been adopted.

Rescue Dogs Match in Canada announced on its website and Facebook page today that the 3-year-old dog has been transported to her new forever home on a farm in Ontario.

“Drum roll please: Lana was transported Monday to her new home but first a stop at the vet clinic for her spring check up, shots, dewormer, flea and tick treatment,” the update reads. “We took a couple of pictures and then off we went. Lana’s new parents have reported she is still adjusting at this time but will be sending an update within the next two weeks.”

The rescue did not immediately respond to a request for more information.

Drum roll please: Lana was transported Monday to her new home but first a stop at the vet clinic for her spring check…

Posted by Rescue Dogs Match on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lana recently went to go live with a foster family after Rescue Dogs Match announced she had to find a new permanent or temporary home by May 20. She was also supposed to be undergoing a new training program.

The Labrador Retriever mix first made headlines in October 2015 when a photo of her looking dejected in the shelter went viral, earning her the title of “saddest dog in the world.” She reportedly was surrendered after she snapped at one of her adoptive family members over food.

Lana in shelter

This photo went viral in 2015, earning her the nickname of “the saddest dog in the world.” Via Rescue Dogs Match

Thousands of people responded to the photo with applications to adopt Lana and, within months, she found a new home. Sadly, she was surrendered again in July 2016. Since then she has bounced around between foster homes and different boarding shelters.

On May 5, Rescue Dogs Match posted on Facebook that Lana needed to find a new family to take her in before May 20. It was unclear what would happen to Lana after that deadline. The rescue group’s founder had told a couple media outlets that euthanasia could be an option.

This is a screenshot of Rescue Dogs Match’s Facebook post about the urgent need to find Lana a home. Via Rescue Dogs Match/ Facebook

The group said Lana, who celebrated her third birthday last weekend, needed lots of land to run around on and a mature couple or person with the time and patience to help her become more confident.

Once again, thousands responded with applications to adopt Lana. After all she has been through, Lana deserves to grow old in a loving home. We hope the third time’s a charm!

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