Sad Dog In Christmas Sweater Finally Gets Adopted

Bobby, a Terrier mix, had been dropped off at a Florida shelter a week before Christmas.

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Bobby had been at the Miami shelter since December 16. Via Urgent Dogs of Miami/Instagram

When a sweet Terrier mix named Bobby was abandoned at the Miami-Dade Animal Services in Miami, Florida, the staff members thought maybe he would have a better chance at adoption if he looked a little more festive. It was Dec. 16, 2015, so Bobby was given a bright green Christmas sweater and the highest hopes that he would find a new home soon. Almost two months later, the sad 1-year old dog was still sitting in his kennel and still wearing that sweater.

Urgent Dogs of Miami posted a plea on Bobby’s behalf, urging someone — anyone! — to adopt him before it was too late, even offering to pay his adoption fees. Bobby’s picture went viral and his story flat out yanked on everyone’s heartstrings, working so effectively that four would-be owners all arrived at the shelter at the same time.

Christmas sweater Bobby is safe and adopted this AM. Came down to transport and he had an adopter.

Posted by Robert Miller on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

While two women and a man who worked for a pet rescue organization lined up to see Bobby and take him out for a walk, Paola Mariaca was filling out the paperwork that would allow Bobby to go home with her, CBS Miami reports.

Mariaca volunteers at the shelter and helps put little sweaters, like the one Bobby wore, on dogs. She wrote on Facebook that Bobby would need “at least eight” medicated baths and had an ear infection, but that he was otherwise healthy.

Bobby has mange will need at least 8 medicated baths. He also is suffering from ear infections. I took on the…

Posted by Paola Mariaca on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

“Those who know me know I will do the best for this baby,” she wrote.

Finally, someone will.

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