Ryan Adams Makes Music, Saves Cats

Adams’ tour crew and cat rescue group Lonely Miaow rescued a scared cat from a cemetery with a humane trap and food (tuna and KFC), and made the cat a web celeb.

Currently on a World Tour that has him in a new locale nearly every night, musician Ryan Adams found himself jetlagged on Monday while in Auckland, New Zealand, leading him on a midnight stroll through the Symonds St. cemetery – a path wherein he encountered a black and white feline now known to the world as Twitter’s top trending topic: #CemeteryCat.

Taking to Twitter @TheRyanAdams, Adams immediately began posting photographs of the cat, who he described as being “clearly abandoned” and “crying for help,” requesting assistance in attempting to rescue the kitty and find her a home. Through this platform, Adams struck up a cat rescue convo with Auckland’s Rob Isaac @rmi, who headed out immediately to rescue the kitty (and coined the hashtag #CemeteryCat).

Armed with supportive words from Adams being tweeted at regular intervals, Isaac worked on gaining the cat’s trust; however, his efforts were dashed when she was spooked away by opossums. Isaac wasn’t deterred, vowing to return with “a humane trap, skilled professionals and some KFC,” – a statement he made good on.

On Tuesday night, Isaac returned to the cemetery with members of Adams’ tour crew, the cat rescue group Lonely Miaow, a humane trap, and food (tuna and KFC). This time, a group of screaming children frightened the feline.

“She’s thoroughly spooked and gone off down a bank where no humans can go,” Isaac tweeted. “We don’t think she’ll be back tonight. We’re coming back early tomorrow morning while it’s still dark. See you tomorrow #cemeterycat.”

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, Isaac and the Lonely Miaow crew reset the trap and began the waiting game. The results? Success!

The cat, now named Wednesday, has been seen by a veterinarian, and is determined to be one to two years of age, spayed, in excellent health, but (womp, womp) not microchipped, making finding her family a difficult task.

For now, Wednesday is residing with Isaac, who has been Tweeting frequent pictures and updates on her status. According to Isaac, “Wednesday the #cemeterycat’s favourite way to get patted is to stand up on her hind legs and headbutt your hand.” Good to know.

We’re thinking Adams and Isaac should be on the receiving end of “human’s of the week” awards. Agreed?

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