Russian Cruise Is Led By Very Serious-Looking Cat Captain

A cat who appears very important in his captain’s hat ferries tourists to and fro.

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"Avast ye mateys somebody fix my hat..."
Anastasia Thrift

In Russia, water is afraid of cats.

A cat takes his job as ship captain very seriously — at least we’re projecting that on his focused, frowny face — on a tourist boat between Moscow and St. Petersburg, according to Ruptly.

All paws on deck. Via Ruptly/YouTube

All paws on deck. Via Ruptly/YouTube

Sailor the Persian is the first to help helm the vessel. The second cat crew member is Boatswain, who also does his job very cutely in a little French sailor’s outfit.

We’re sure these two cats will take the boat through rough waters with bravery and strength. Or take a nap. Or take what might be the best picture  on vacation ever in a selfie with a tourist.

Either way, watch out for these two.

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