Russian Company Put Cats’ Ears On Motorcycle Helmets For Maximum Awesomeness

Nitrinos originally created the cat ear helmet for a Japanese cultural festival.

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From Russia with love. Via Nitrinos

It’s pretty hard to not look cool when you’re riding a motorcycle, but this helmet takes that even further, ensuring that you’re turning heads while you’re protecting your own.

Nitrinos, a 10-year old Russian company, has released the Neko-helmet, which takes the standard motorcycle helmet and gives it a set of cat ears. The standard model looks sort of like a Stormtrooper mated with your neighbor’s tabby — but in the raddest possible way. Other versions really go Full Cat, using a photorealistic painting effect called aerography to create incredible designs on the helmets.

The Neko-helmet was designed when Nitrinos took part in a Japanese cultural festival in 2011 and, since then, it has been available for order. (Yes, they ship worldwide). The attached ears are made of fiberglass and, according to the website, won’t slow a rider down or generate any additional resistance unless he or she is going faster than 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph).

The cost of the helmets range from $495 for a single color option to $660 for an elaborately painted version. The process to complete each one takes about three weeks, so after placing an order, feel free to remind everyone that you’ll be looking even cooler next month.

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