Russia To Send France K-9 Puppy To Replace Police Dog Killed In Terror Raid

The gesture follows the death of Diesel, the police dog who died during a counter-terror operation outside Paris in November.

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Russia is giving France a new puppy to replace K-9 officer Diesel, who died in a raid targeting terrorists. Via RT/YouTube

In the true spirit of holiday season, Russia and its police force is extending some puppy love to its counterparts to the West.


Russia offered to gift the French anti-terror unit with a German Shepherd puppy named Dobrynya to replace Diesel — the 7-year-oldBelgian Malinois who participated in a raid to find suspects responsible for the multiple terrorist attacks on Paris last month, The Telegraph reports. During the Nov. 18 raid, Diesel was killed.

“The gift from Russian police dog-lovers to their French counterparts … is a very strong and exceptional symbolic gesture on your part,” Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve wrote in a letter to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, accprodng to the Telegrapgh.

France’s Police Nationale has reportedly accepted the offer of the 6-month-old pup, who lives in a facility for police dogs located in the Moscow region. And not unlike the social media flurry surrounding Diesel’s death, Dobrynya — who reportedly is named for the medieval Russian knight famed for his strength, chivalry and courage — is being introduced to the world via Twitter and YouTube.  

The Telegraph reports the adorable police dog will be sent to France after he undergoes veterinary checks and a quarantine. Here’s a look at the puppy (via YouTube user RT) who will one day fill Diesel’s shoes:

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