Russia Seizes Cats from Debtors

In Russia, purebred cats pay for you! Russian debtors have cats, aka "designer property," repossessed.

Did you know that in Russia a purebred animal is considered a financial asset, like a house? It’s true. There’s a big downside to that, though. If you can’t pay your debts your pets might be confiscated.

That’s exactly what happened to an unidentified Russian man whose Sphynx cat was seized by bailiffs this week. “Despite repeated warnings from bailiffs … the debtor has not fulfilled his obligations,” the Federal Bailiffs Service said in a statement.

The man in question defaulted on a debt of 200,000 rubles ($4,071). He has 10 days to pay his debt or his Sphynx will be sold off.

Confiscating “designer animals” is considered a good way to get people to pay up in Russia. And it’s not uncommon.

In December, for example, a Siberian resident paid 12,000 rubles ($245) after collectors threatened to take his cat.

Another man who was in debt for 20,000 rubles ($407) had his British Shorthair cat and a rabbit seized. 

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