Russia and the Global Dog Fancy: A Statement from the Editor-in-Chief

In light of Russia’s offensive treatment of homosexuals, we at Dogs in Review feel it would be inappropriate to feature Russia in our November International Issue.

Every November in our “International Issue” Dogs in Review spotlights a country to salute and celebrate. American exhibitors are traveling to foreign shows in ever-increasing numbers, and this is a good thing for our sport and the well-being of our breeds, since great dogs can be found on many continents besides our own.

Our editorial lineup is created a year to 18 months in advance so that major features get the time, research and preparation they deserve. And so it was that Russia was chosen to be profiled in our November 2013 “International Issue.”

We are all aware of the international outrage – increasing daily – at Russia’s offensive treatment of homosexuals, both those living in that country and visitors believed to have homosexual leanings and sympathies. President Putin has signed into law a bill that would allow police to arrest tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being homosexual, lesbian or “pro-gay” and to detain them for up to 14 days.

A boycott of the Olympic Games is being called for and with the World Dog Show scheduled for Moscow in 2016 the FCI is facing pressure to change its venue unless these violations of basic human rights are rescinded. AKC President Dennis Sprung and Chairman Alan Kalter issued a courageous statement protesting Russian President Putin’s anti-gay law.

We have many gay breeders, exhibitors, handlers and judges proudly participating in our sport worldwide. In light of Russia’s violation of these basic human rights, and given the strides that have been made recently in the USA with respect to equal rights, DOMA defeat, etc., we at Dogs in Review feel it would be inappropriate to feature Russia in our November International Issue. We are not feeling particularly celebratory toward that country. Moreover, we urge our American judges with invitations to officiate in Russia to reconsider their assignments, at a time when visitors traveling there could be arrested and detained, with the blessing of the Russian government.

Allan Reznik



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