Rush Limbark Tops List of Unusual Dog Names

Bizarre pet monikers range from the creative and clever to the outright peculiar.

In the category of most unusual names for cats and dogs, a dog named Admiral Toot and his feline friend Sparklemonkey both made it into the top 10. Owner Tahlia Harrison definitely did not follow the advice of many pet experts who suggest short pet names that can be easily distinguished from common commands.

For that, Harrison is the only pet owner with a pet on both the 50 unusual cat names and 50 unusual dog names lists, compiled by Veterinary Pet Insurance. According to the company, the pet name trend is more toward the unusual – or just plain bizarre – and away from the concept of monosyllabic human names.

Case in point: Rush Limbark, who tops the list of dog names; and Edward Scissorpaws, who tops the cat list. Unique names are often the result of unusual looks or an uncommon behavior, VPI said.

For example, Sparklemonkey was a feral cat Harrison rescued. The name was given to the cat for her tendency to “shoot up the trees like a little monkey,” Harrison said.

As for Rush Limbark, a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog, his owner Buena Silverman likes to joke that he is a conservative canine who took to listening to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. According to Silverman, Limbark has even developed an ability to sniff out Republicans.

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