This Is What The Running Of The Bulls Looks Like With Pugs

The Running of the Bulls is cool and all, but trade bulls for pugs and the result is MUCH cuter.

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Ruh Roh!

Any event, no matter how simple or grand, is always more fun when recreated with animals.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by The Watercooler this week, the famous Running of the Bulls is recreated, but instead of bulls, there are a group of charging pugs.

 Via YouTube

Here they come! Via YouTube

The track for the pugs to run was set up with backdrops made to look like large audiences, and instead of running humans, there are small human figurines scattered throughout the track.

LOOK OUT!! Via YouTube

LOOK OUT!! Via YouTube

The pugs inevitably knock the figurines over and stomp all over them as they run, but rest assured, no people were harmed during the filming of this video.

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