Runaway Pup Travels To Favorite Doggie Daycare Mile Away From Home

The smart dog escaped his family’s backyard to join his friends for an afternoon of play.

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Riley feeling right at home at Happy Dog Daycare. Via Happy Dog Cafe/WBTV

They say when the cat’s away, the mouse will play.

But in this case, when Mom went away, it was the pup who decided to join his doggy friends for some fun — on his own — one mile away from home, WBTV Channel 3 in North Carolina reports.

On Saturday, Tonia Mosteller was driving through the town of Belmont, on the outskirts of Charlotte, with her Golden Retriever, Riley. When she passed Happy Dog Cafe Dog Daycare, the dog reportedly began to whine when he saw some of his barking buddies on a leash outside the establishment.

After telling Riley he wasn’t schedule to visit Happy Dog that day, Mosteller dropped him at home and let her son know the pup was on their back deck enjoying the sun.

“I noticed Riley watching me carefully as I left, but I didn’t think too much about it,” Mosteller told the news station.

Riley is no stranger to the outdoors - so most likely enjoyed his walk into town. Via Tonia Bowman Mosteller/Facebook

Riley is no stranger to the outdoors, so he most likely enjoyed his walk into town. Via Tonia Bowman Mosteller/Facebook

The next thing she knew, Mosteller received a call from daycare owner Teresa McCarter who said Riley had showed up to the business’s front door.

“I walked outside to see if Tonia was right behind him, and she wasn’t,” McCarter told WBTV.

She said Riley knew right where to go — straight to where about 20 of his furry friends were, excited to see him.

“He knows the way up here because they walk him all the time, so he just decided to put himself in daycare that day,” McCarter said.

Reportedly, Riley found a way to open the back fence and make his way to where his kind of fun was. Finding the humor in it all, McCarter gave the runaway pup a free day of daycare; his family has plans to secure the yard and to take him to see his friends more often.

“It’s a true testimony to how much he loves Happy Dogs and the staff there,” Mosteller said.

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