Runaway Dogs

Learn how to make your dog return to you with these tips.

It happens: a slipped collar or broken leash — if your dog breaks away from you, stay calm. A panicked voice can freak her out and an angry tone may scare her. Give chase and she’ll run faster thinking it’s a game.

Instead, clap your hands, whistle, say “treats,” anything that gains her attention, then try one or more of these tips.

  • Run the opposite way or walk indirectly toward her as you happily call her and wave a real or imaginary treat or toy.
  • Kneel to seem less intimidating or lie down on the ground to arouse her curiosity.
  • Use her training; the trained dog may not come out of surprise at her unexpected freedom, but might sit or down on command and allow your approach.
  • If parked away from traffic, open your car door and cue her to jump inside.

Put anger aside, praise lavishly once you get her, and plan to seriously work on recalls.

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