Runaway Chihuahua Leads Police On Chase Across San Francisco’s Bay Bridge

Despite the media attention, the owner of the adorable pup is still at large.

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Do you know this little guy? CHP is looking for his owner after he gave chase to officers Sunday morning. Via CHPSanFrancisco/Twitter

On Sunday morning, San Francisco Bay Area residents woke up to news of a low-speed chase on the eastbound lanes of the Bay Bridge — and not missing a beat, local media like CBS Channel 5 made sure they brought the live report to their viewers.

But what people saw when they tuned in was a chase of the furry kind.

After receiving calls of a dog running around on the bridge, California Highway Patrol officers began their pursuit of the black Chihuahua who reportedly was running against traffic at times.

The cute little guy did his best to stay away from “the law,” but after a few glances over his shoulder and no where else to go, the Chihuahua was taken into “protective custody.”

Now residing at San Francisco’s Animal Care & Control shelter, the news video star — who has been named Ponch after Erik Estrada’s character on the late ‘70s show “CHiPs” — is waiting for an owner to come forward and take him home.

In a photo tweeted by CHP San Francisco, the Chihuahua can be seen sporting a collar with a silver skull tag. Anyone with information about the dog should contact SFACC at (415) 554-6364.

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