Runaway Cat Found Rolling Around In Pile Of Catnip At Pet Store

A lost cat was found in a pet store completely surrounded by catnip toys. And he probably didn't want to go home.

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You are so busted, cat.
Chrissa Hardy

If you were a feline runaway, where would you go?

A lost cat answered this age-old question in the most predictable way ever when he wandered into a pet store and went nuts in the catnip section.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by SensualCat, the cat is seen rolling around on a shelf full of catnip toys and showing zero signs of homesickness.

Via YouTube

“THIS IS PERFECTION.” Via SensualCat/YouTube

This is kitty heaven, and this cat has found it.

Via YouTube

“I never wanna go home.” Via SensualCat/YouTube

The video description states that the cat was picked up by the owner that day — and he was probably very bummed to go back home.

Something tells us he’ll be back… unless his owner picked up some catnip while he or she was at the store. Stockpiling catnip seems like a good idea to keep this cat from running away again.

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