Run Away Prop

We had a frantic 5-minutes a little bit ago because someone left our photo subject at home. (Okay, I’ll ‘fess up: it was me.) The photo studio was ready to snap the photo and associate editor Jessica Pineda came to get it from me. “Where’s is it?” she asked.

“Uhhh, I think it’s still at the house,” I replied with a Homer-Simpson-esque “Doh!” as I slapped my forehead upon realization that it was right where I left it … near the bird’s cage.

Fortunately, this prop was our “30-Second Toy” and is made from mostly found materials (paper coffee cup, coffee stirrer, shredded paper, rope and napkin).

 Thus, started our 5-minute scavenger hunt: we checked the break room for the main component, the paper coffee cup, but there was none to be found. So we proceeded to the conference room, where a stack of cups can sometimes be found. Nada. Then we spied one in the hands of the web editor, Andrea Bravo. She was finishing up a cup of tea. Bingo! “Can we have that when you’re done?” I asked.

Jessica prepped it like a skilled surgeon: carefully washing it out, slicing into it, stuffing it with shredded paper and adding the finishing touches with the napkin and string. As the name suggests, it didn’t take very long and the final prop looked just like the original prototype, save for some stuffed colorful wooden sticks (leftover from a photo shoot) instead of wood coffee stirrer. That’s why I love this toy; it’s so easy even editors who lose it in the first place can remake it on the fly.

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