“Rumor Has It” This AKC/Eukanuba Winner is More Than Just for Show

A behind the scenes look at a show dog, reveals a family pet and bed thief.


Rumor, German Shepherd, Deborah Stern 


If you look behind a champion dog, you’ll likely find loving owners, talented handlers, perhaps a few playful children, and maybe (if she’s especially lucky!) a Chinese Crested playmate named Ex. Given the German Shepherd Dog, Rumor (a.k.a. GCH Lockenhaus’ Rumor Has It V Kenlyn), has such a complete team, it’s no wonder she took home Best in Show honors at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship last weekend in Orlando, Fla.

Rumor, German Shepherd, Deborah Stern 

But there’s more to Rumor than what you see in the ring.  

Born in 2011, Rumor is owned by Deborah Stern, Pamela Buckles, Patti Dukeman, Pam McElheney, and Kent Boyles. Although a champion with a plethora of accomplishments, Rumor is first and foremost a beloved dog. She has a team of support behind her, and a family to love around her. Rumor lives with handlers Boyles and Liz Oster, along with 16-year-old Maria, and 7-year-old Daniel, and Ex.

Rumor, German Shepherd, Deborah Stern 

Rumor has more than one mission. She collects victories, but she also amasses bed space. “Rumor is notorious for stealing beds,” says owner Deborah Stern. “If you don’t get in bed before her, you won’t find much room left!” Additionally, this champion knows how to cut loose in (sophisticated?) ways. “Rumor amuses herself and others by jumping back and forth between two beds, especially in hotel rooms,” Stern says. {Now that paints a great visual!}

Rumor, German Shepherd, Deborah Stern 

An athlete as well as a champion, Rumor also relishes running next to Boyles on his scooter for miles, many times a week. “In fact, Kent and Rumor often celebrate a show victory by heading out for a run,” Stern says.Rumor adores her children too. “Ball play is an endless game for Daniel and her,” Stern says.”She’s a lucky girl to have both the children and her extra-special companion, Ex, for playtimes, bedtime snuggling, and (when her breed legacy kicks in) herding!”

Photos courtesy Deborah Stern. For more photos of Rumor, check out their Facebook page

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