Rules of the Road

Tips for a stress-free trip

They’re both furry, four-legged friends whom we share countless hours per day alongside, but when it comes to travel, there is a big difference between dogs and cats. The majority of canines naturally take to the open, soaking up the cool breezes and relishing car rides.

Felines, on the other hand, lack that spirit that travel requires. Nevertheless, you can take a successful road trip with your cat in tow, as long as you know how to keep him content from start to finish.

“Most cats travel very well with their owners, requiring very little specialized care,” says Matt Demey, DVM, of Seven Hills Veterinary Center in Aurora, Colo. “For long car rides, most cats adjust well within the first hour of being in the car. Have water available at all times, and offer food at regular times during the day.”

Click here to see CatChannel’s exclusive video on how to pack for a cat road trip.

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